How to Buy Quinton

Original Quinton is only sold to certified health professionals. If you are a health professional, click here to register to be able to purchase Quinton products. You will be asked for credentials before the order is shipped.

If you want to try Quinton™, you have several options: We recommend you take Quinton daily for about three to four weeks to give your body a chance to adjust and begin to see results. You will have to obtain product through a health professional. 1) Get a referral to one of our certified health professionals.

If you want to try Original Quinton™ and are not a practitioner, you can ORDER HERE



You can also contact us at or call 866-257-8168

We invite you to  share this information with your trusted health professional. Let them know that we are here to answer their questions and would be happy to help them understand the numerous benefits that Quinton provides. They are also welcome to contact us at any time.

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