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General Quinton™ Questions

What is Quinton™?

Quinton™ is nutrient-rich marine fluid that is harvested from the depths of an oceanic plankton bloom.

Quinton is not just seawater. Discovered by French physiologist and humanitarian, René Quinton, in 1897, marine

Inside the plankton bloom’s protective environment, microscopic sea organisms create Quinton™.


What is the difference between Quinton™ and other seawater?

Quinton™ differs from other seawaters in several significant ways.

1. Original Quinton™ has been harvested for the last 110 years from a particular plankton bloom using the same harvesting method developed by René Quinton. No other seawater product available has this level of history, credibility and research behind it. We do not know of any other seawater harvesting from this same bloom and no other company uses the exact same methodology.

2. We have run many tests comparing other seawater to Original Quinton™ . To date, we have not found any others that are COLD micro-filtered multiple times – as opposed to heat pasteurized or subjected to UV radiation. These less expensive processes destroy the active components in the water. The reductions in activity in other seawater repeatedly show up in third party research. Though we believe there is benefit from most purified seawater, Original Quinton™ is in a class of efficacy by itself that far exceeds any other in the marketplace due to the fact that René Quinton was the pioneer of the market. Simply said, his method of collection, storage, and packaging are family secrets.

3. Original Quinton™ is sourced and packaged by our parent company, based in Spain , which is still partially controlled by the Quinton family. Our company, Original Quinton™ North America , has the exclusive right to distribute and market this product. The parent company in Spain explicitly asked us to distribute Quinton through health professionals and professional trainers, in order to maintain the reputation and integrity of the product. Our doctors here in North America who educate other health professionals about the product share the same level of integrity as our parent company, Los Laboratorios Quinton Internacional, S.L. Trust in a health product sold for 110 years by the same company is priceless.

Original Quinton™ Marine Plasma

How it’s harvested Yes No
1 Anywhere in the ocean X
2 In a non-plankton bloom environment X
3 From deep seawater X
4 From the center of a seasonal vortex plankton bloom, discovered by René Quinton X
René Quinton proved that plankton water is not like other seawater. The plankton bloom is protected, and only one company is authorized to harvest marine plasma from it. That’s where Original Quinton comes from.
How it’s processed Yes No
1 Irradiated X
2 UV treated X
3 Desalinated X
4 Cold sterilized in a pharmaceutical facility X
It’s very important to sterilize marine plasma for consumption by humans, but the sterilization process must not destroy the “alive” nature of Quinton. René Quinton knew this back in 1897, and that’s why his protocols for processing are to this day followed very strictly.
How it’s packaged Yes No
1 Standard plastic bottle X
2 Metal bottle X
3 Double-tipped glass vial X
The Original Quinton glass vial has been designed to preserve the potency and “aliveness” of the marine plasma. We do not see this when Quinton is packaged in a standard plastic bottle. The glass vial packaging was designed in 1897 by René Quinton himself, and each ampoule contains the appropriate incremental dosage. No measuring. No hassle.
How it’s Distributed Yes No
1 Sold without advice from or consultation with a health professional or sports physiologist X
2 Available through your trusted health professional or sports physiologist X
Original Quinton supports optimal health, so much so, that the Quinton family believed that health professionals and sports physiologists must be involved to assure the most effective use of Quinton.
The company providing it to you Yes No
1 A company unrelated to the Quinton family X
2 The only company manufacturing pure Quinton Marine Plasma, still partially owned by the family of René Quinton. X

I have heard about Original Quinton™. How do I buy it?

Quinton™ is available through qualified health professionals. To find one near you, visit our Health Professionals Referrals page, or call us at (866) 257-8168, to get a referral for one.

There are no practitioners in my area, but I still want to buy the product. What do I do?

Download and print the pages on Isotonic and Hypertonic and give it to your practitioner. Let them know that we are here to answer their questions and would be happy to help them understand the numerous benefits of Quinton Marine Plasma.

I am a health professional and want to try and/or stock Quinton™ Marine Plasma. What do I do?

We sell Original Quinton™ to health professionals including medical doctors, certified physiologists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, body workers, osteopaths, licensed therapists, professional athletic trainers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives. To purchase, just visit our Health Professionals Only page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at (888) 278-4686.

Not sure if you qualify? Contact us to ask.

Why do you sell to health professionals only?

We sell Original Quinton™ to health professionals only for several reasons. Quinton has been a family-run business for 110 years and René Quinton’s legacy is one of prestige and notoriety. Therefore, our approach in the United States is to protect the product from becoming a “fad” or a product that is misused, commoditized, or misunderstood. Original Quinton™ is raw and cold filtered, whereas all other available seawaters are pasteurized or irradiated and harvested from coastal locations. They are vastly inferior products and are already commoditized in Europe . You cannot achieve the clinical results with heat sterilized or irradiated seawater that you can with cold filtered seawater from plankton blooms.

That being said, we have several practitioners who will do phone consultations and drop ship for your convenience. Please call us for details at (888) 278-4686.

Common Questions for Athletes and Trainers

I have heard about Original Quinton™. How do I buy it?

Quinton is also available through qualified trainers and health professionals. To find one near you, visit our Health Professionals page to get a referral for one, or call us at (888) 278-4686.


If you have any further questions that are not answered here, please email us or call us at (888) 278-4686.

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