Consumer Warning

Original Quinton™ would like to share with you some information about internet-based companies that are selling products that are not associated with Laboratoires Quinton International, S.L. (the exclusive manufacturer of Quinton).

We encourage you to contact any company that you do not feel comfortable and request the name and address of the manufacturing company that produces their product, so that you may call the manufacturer yourself and inquire as to whether or not they follow the strict protocols set forth by René Quinton.

What you will likely find is that they are unwilling to share this information. (Original Quinton™ not only maintains a manufacturing video available upon request, it also extends an open invitation to visit the manufacturing facility in Spain).

No matter where they derive their so-called “seawater” or whichever company they contract to package it, they still label it “Quinton”. This is fraud.

SECOND, the response, “We have technical analysis that prove that both companies offer the same water solution” is meaningless, because these analyses simply reveal that the mineral salts of the ocean are fairly constant, which is something that science confirmed decades ago.

Virtually all the oceans will show a very similar analysis but this is NOT what real Quinton is all about. The fact is, there are other levels of “constituents” and “energetic factors” that define Quinton™, and these are discussed in our training materials and so elegantly in the prologue to the latest edition of the René Quinton’s biography. This is the very essence of René Quinton’s discovery – he tested sea waters from all over the globe and determined it must come from sources that “bear the signature of life”.

There is even a cove named after René Quinton (“Quinton Cove”) somewhere along the Archepelago Islands as a testament to his voracious exploration and commitment to finding the “origin of life”.

Quinton seawater contains 300 mg/liter of organic micronutrient constituents such as highly bioavailable complete organic forms of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, peptides, RNA/DNA, fatty acids, even natural antibiotics… as well as critical energetic factors that can be measured with sensitive devices such as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) photography, and biological field instruments.

THIRD, the uniqueness of Quinton™ does not end at the source. The entire process – extraction, collection, transportation, testing/retesting, cold-microfiltering, storing and packaging are subject to a highly detailed protocol defined by René Quinton, and maintained by Quinton’s immediate family and Quinton Laboratories Spain exclusively.

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